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Yak Meat

  • Yak meat is a very lean, red meat

  • Contains only 17mg of cholesterol per 100g 

        (Chicken 85mg/100g, Beef 86mg/100g)

  • Naturally raised

  • 100% Grass fed

  • Antibiotic Free

  • Hormone free

  • Similar taste to grass fed beef

  • Cooks faster than beef


  • We do not ship meat, and we do not do online orders.

  • If you are interested in purchasing you must be able to pick it up or be within delivery distance.

  • If you are wanting to purchase or have any questions about the meat, please contact the farm directly. 

  • Our meat can be purchased from the following locations.


West Gimlet Farms (At Farm, Price List Below) - Rimbey, AB 

Community Natural Foods - Calgary, AB

Amaranth Whole Foods Market - Calgary, AB

Aama Nepalese Cuisine - Cochrane, AB

The Organic Box - Edmonton, AB

The Ranch Gate Market - Sylvan Lake, AB

Hamels Meat Market - Red Deer, AB

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Price List
(Prices Listed Per KG)

Yak invoice Kgs (NEW PRICES)for DIA_221215_123447_1.jpg
Yak invoice Kgs (NEW PRICES)for DIA_221215_123447_2.jpg
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